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To become a member, you must agree to abide by our code of conduct in all Chilliwack Pride Society spaces, which is as follows: Code of Conduct Purpose This Code of Conduct is intended to ensure that in all aspects of the Chilliwack Pride Society’s affairs maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect both publicly and within the organization; stay focused on the Society’s purposes as outlined in the Constitution; and supports a culture of trust, equity and collaboration. Application This Code of Conduct applies to all directors, members, and volunteers of the Chilliwack Pride Society. Best Interests of the Society All directors, members, and volunteers must act in good faith and in the best interests of the Chilliwack Pride Society. Duties and Behaviors In all affairs and interests pertaining to the Chilliwack Pride Society directors, volunteers and members must:
  • act with fairness, honesty, integrity, transparency and openness;
  • work towards meaningful communication and collaboration; always interact with respect towards others' opinions, choices, and autonomy;
  • treat everyone with equity, dignity and respect; promote the purposes and values of the Chilliwack Pride Society in all dealings, internally and with the public, on behalf of the organization;
  • act in accordance with any professional standards, governing laws and legislation that have application to the responsibilities performed for or on behalf of the Society;
  • adhere to the policies and procedures of the Chilliwack Pride Society;
  • strive to provide a positive and valued experience for attendees of the Chilliwack Pride Society events;
  • support the decisions and directions of the Board of Directors and its delegated authority;
  • take responsibility for actions and decisions while ensuring not to exceed the authority of one's role;
  • strive for the effective resolution of problems;
  Accessibility Directors, members and volunteers of the Chilliwack Pride Society will make all reasonable efforts to ensure events are accessible to all participants. Abiding by the Law The Chilliwack Pride Society, all volunteers, Directors and members will, at a minimum, observe the letter and spirit of the municipal, provincial and federal laws. This includes filling all required permits, licenses and filings for the society’s operations. Fraud, Theft and Due Process The Chilliwack Pride Society will:
  • take reasonable measures to prevent and deter fraud and the theft of the Society’s assets;
  • investigate allegations of fraud or theft in a thorough and consistent manner.
Safety and Security Directors, members and volunteers of the Chilliwack Pride Society will:
  • put safety and security for all of its program and event attendees as a top priority.
  • take all necessary steps to minimize the risk of sickness, disease, injury and death to any person because of the Society’s activities as well as follow provincial health guidelines.
  • not practice or tolerate any discrimination, harassment, violence or retaliation.
  Mitigating Conflict of Interest Directors, members and volunteers shall put the best interests of the Chilliwack Pride Society ahead of personal interests. Directors, members and volunteers shall make any potential, perceived or actual conflict of interest known to the Board of Directors immediately. Directors, members and volunteers must avoid situations where their personal interests will conflict with their duties to the Chilliwack Pride Society. Directors must also avoid situations where their duties to the Chilliwack Pride Society may conflict with duties elsewhere. Confidentiality Directors, members and volunteers must respect the confidentiality of information about the Society, as well as the privacy and dignity of fellow members and volunteers. Directors, members and volunteers of the Chilliwack Pride Society shall respect the confidentiality of information about the Society, whether that information is received in a meeting of the Board or of a committee or is otherwise provided to or obtained. Directors are responsible for ensuring that any information released is not confidential. Representation It is recognized that as a director, member or volunteer of the Chilliwack Pride Society one may be seen as representing the Society in the community. Such representations must be mindful of and consistent with the Society’s purposes and their duty of confidentiality. Directors, members and volunteers of the Chilliwack Pride Society may represent the Society in the community only so as far as their roles and delegated authority allows. The Chilliwack Pride Society is governed by a Board of Directors through a flat organizational structure, meaning the Society has no designated spokesperson. Public communication and representation are done through delegated authority from the Board. News media contact and responses and public discussion of the Chilliwack Pride Society’s affairs should only be made through the Society’s directors or delegated spokespersons. Any director, member or volunteer who is questioned by representatives of the media should refer such individuals to the appropriate representatives of the Society. Communications Chilliwack Pride Society will be truthful and transparent in communications. Environmental Responsibility Chilliwack Pride Society will plan and carry out the Society’s activities in an environmentally responsible fashion, consistent with their purpose of understanding our individual and collective responsibility to this land. Fiscal Integrity Chilliwack Pride Society Directors are expected to use the Society’s assets in a manner that will preserve and furthers the goals and purposes of the society Directors will comply with accepted accounting practices and established internal policies. Financial records will be accurate. These records will fully account for and report all assets, liabilities and transactions. Accordingly, no payment will be approved or made without adequate supporting documentation and processes. No payment is to be used for any purpose other than that which is recorded. Respectful Conduct Respect refers to valuing the opinions, ideas, and perspectives of others, even if they differ from your own. It means treating others with dignity and acknowledging their contributions. Respectful behavior involves listening actively and attentively to what others have to say, refraining from interrupting or talking over others, and avoiding dismissive or belittling comments. It is recognized that directors, members and volunteers bring diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences. Individuals will not always agree with one another on all matters, but all debates shall take place in an atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy. Directors, members and volunteers will strive to work through discord or dispute respectfully and directly with the other party. Remarks that disparage other members will not be tolerated. Board Solidarity Directors acknowledge that authorized board actions, decisions of the board and the implementation of a decision, regardless of holding an opposing position in debate or casting an opposition vote must be supported by all directors. The board speaks with one voice. Those directors who have abstained or voted against a motion must adhere to and support the decision of a majority of the directors. Directors, members and volunteers will carry out their duties faithfully, diligently and in a manner that will inspire public confidence in the ability and integrity of the Board.

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