The More You Find, The More You Can Win!

Every day, from August 8th to the 16th, we will release clues about the locations of the missing piano keys, somewhere in Chilliwack. 

If you can solve the riddles, find the "Lost Piano Key", take a selfie with it and send it to us - You will be entered to win one of our many amazing prizes, donated by our local inclusive businesses here in Chilliwack! 

You have until the 23rd to solve all the riddles, find all the "Lost Piano Keys" around Chilliwack and get your selfies to us! We will draw the names on the 23rd during our live drag show by Chilliwack's very own HAILEY ADLER with the Skids in the Ball!

The clues will be released on our website and social media. Insiders signed up to our e-newsletter will get a sneak-peak at the clues before they go public!

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The Riddles.

Each image is a clue to an individual location somewhere in Chilliwack! 

Prizes & Sponsors

Scarecrow Ink Tattoo $100 Gift Card, Luna Float Gift Card for 30 mins Infrared or Neurospa, Fairfield Island Fresh $40 Gift Card, Harvest Store & Cafe $25 Gift Card, Old Yale Brewing Thermos, Old Yale Brewing Hat, 2 Pairs of Rainbow Socks, Rainbow Pin, Love is Love Pin, Old Yale Brewing Bottle Openers (2), Old Yale Brewing Sticker, TTF Education Lanyard, TTF Education Pen, Pick-Eco Zero Waste Kitchen Starter Kit: produce bags, dish soap block and dish, dish brush, silicone bowl covers, a bamboo scraper, and a ‘life without plastic’ bag.

Scarecrow Ink Tattoo $100 Gift Card, Chilliwack Pride NIKE Jacket (Mens XS/S, Women's M/L), LGBTQ+ Journal ‘Free to be me’, Dug and Mary Designs Rainbow Bracelet, 525 Decor Rainbow T-shirt, Mug & Pop Up Phone Holder (not pictured), Large Rainbow Flag, Rainbow Umbrella, Rainbow Socks, Rainbow Wrist Bands, Rainbow Mobile, Rainbow Shoelaces, Rainbow Fan, Rainbow Flag Pin,  Trans Flag Keychain, TTF Pen. 

Scarecrow Ink Piercing $75 Gift Card, MA Laser $50 Gift Card, Seeing Gender Book, Gender Affirming Apparel (GC2B Binder or Gaff), Large Rainbow Flag, Trans Flag Keychain, Pride Bracelet, Rainbow Pin, Love is Love Pin, TTF Pen, TTF Smart Phone Wallet, Rainbow Cuff, Rainbow Socks.

Scarecrow Ink Piercing $75 Gift Card, TTF Education First Aid $150 Gift Card, The Bookman $50 Gift Card, Harvest Store & Cafe $25 Gift Card, Timeless Electrolysis $100 Gift Card, MA Laser $50 Gift Card, Rainbow Socks, Rainbow Cuff, Old Yale Brewing Sticker, Old Yale Brewing Bottle Opener, Rainbow Pin, Love is Love pin, TTF Lanyard, TTF Emergency First Aid Kit Keychain, TTF Smart Phone Wallet, Lise McAlpine Fabric Sculpture (not pictured)

Timeless Electrolysis $100 Gift Card, MA Laser $50 gift card, Luna Float Gift Card for 30 mins Infrared or Neurospa, $80 Reflexology Gift Card, Midtown Massage Gift Card + B12 Shot, Self Care Basket from Devan Cecilia Counselling (not pictured), Rainbow Socks, Rainbow Shoelaces, Rainbow Pin, Love is Love Pin, TTF Smart Phone Wallet, TTF Lanyard Old Yale Brewing Bottle Opener Keychain, Old Yale Brewing Sticker. 

Dug & Mary Designs Rainbow Bracelet, Rainbow Jacket (Youth M/L), LGBT YA Graphic Novel, Rainbow Journal, Pack of Mini Pens (10), Large Pride Flag, Pink Sequin Hat, Letter Board, Hanging Canvas Art, Squishy Ball, Rainbow Shoelaces, Giant Rainbow Slinky, Rainbow Heart Hand Sanitizer Container, Love is Love Pin.

$60 Gift Card to Netflix, 2 containers of Sticky’s Candy, Popcorn Popper & Kernels, 2 Popcorn Shakers, Exploding Kittens Game, Telestrations Game, 2 Rainbow Hand Sanitizer Containers, 4 Pairs of Rainbow Socks (2 x adult, 1 x youth, 1 x kids)

Rainbow Unicorn Backrest Pillow, Giant Rainbow Slinky, Hook & Loop Mit + Ball Game, Glow Stick Necklaces (10p), Rainbow Flower Windmill, Smiley Face Beach Balls (2p), Rainbow Jump Rope, Rainbow Shoelaces (pair), Rainbow Streamer, Sidewalk Chalk (12p), Rainbow Bracelet, Rainbow Bow, Beach Bucket, Rainbow Sanitizer Container, Rainbow Kinetic Sand, Rainbow Flag Pin  


Carmen Heather Reflexology.                 Lise McAlpine Art.                 Flame Southern BBQ. 

What Does Pride Mean To Chilliwack?

Chilliwack Pride Society fosters inclusion, anti-racism and anti-discrimination in Chilliwack.

The Rainbow Piano became a symbol of Chilliwack’s LGBT+ Community in 2019 after a disappointing vote from the City of Chilliwack against the addition of a rainbow crosswalk inside the downtown core. 

 As a symbolic act of solidarity, allies of the LGBT+ community came together to paint this piano in rainbow colours and showcase it at Bobbypin's Curiosities in downtown for the summer. 

 We are reinvigorating LGBT+ solidarity once again in Chilliwack - which is why the Rainbow Piano is showcased downtown for the length of the game! Find it and send us a selfie with it for an entry to win!   

Contest Rules & Guidelines: 

  •  Remain physically distant at all times. 
  • Follow all guidelines for safety. 
  • Wearing a mask is highly recommended in crowded spaces. 
  •  This is not a race, it's about deciphering the clues and finding as many keys as you can. Do not rush, push, or in any way act inappropriately. 
  •  All prize packages to be arranged for pick up at the Book Man in Chilliwack. 
  •  All pictures and videos to be compiled into a short video and displayed on the Chilliwack Pride website, and social media accounts and become the property of Chilliwack Pride Society. 
  •  Intentionally giving away the prize locations may result in disqualification.  

Submit Your Selfies! 

Take a photo of yourself with the Lost Piano Key somewhere in the photo behind you. 

Submit it here or upload it to Facebook and tag us @chilliwackpride or Instagram @chilliwack.pride       

Try not to give away the location to others! The more Keys you find, the more entries you have to win. The more competition you have, the less chances for you! Shh.. Keep it a secret!

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